Online Booking

Making a Booking

1. Select and open a day from the calendar by clicking on it.
2. Once the day is open, single click. The system will display the available time slots.
3. Select a time slot and the event you would like to book (wedding or baptism).
4. You will receive an e-mail with your provisional booking details. The booking must be confirmed and the deposit paid within 14 days otherwise it will be deleted.
5. Once you have confirmed your booking, please ensure that it is showing as confirmed in the calendar.
6. Make sure to return all forms correctly completed and within the time frames specified.

For weddings, we have authority to perform the civil ceremony at the same time as the religious one.

Colour Codes for Bookings

Entries in orange have not been confirmed yet. Entries in green are confirmed. Entries in red are unavailable days (such as holidays, church celebrations, etc.).